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Get an effortless ride with the Ride Magic Stick Snowboard. The Magic Stick features a Tapered Bi-Radial sidecut to provide an effortless turn initiation and smooth and stable turn and exit. You will also get a smooth ride and increased durability thanks to the Slimewalls and the Carbon Array 3 will provide extra pop and control while still providing a stiff ride. The Magic Stick is a medium flexing board with an all mountain shape for the baddest of chicks out there and is built to hit the mountain under any conditions. This board is truly Magic!


  • Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut
  • Slimewalls
  • Linear Carbon
  • Single Impact Plates
  • Carbon Array 3
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Roll-In Construction

599.00 CHF 420.00 CHF

UGS : TZP_7234 Catégories : , ,

Taille de référence (cm) : 147
Lignes de cotes (mm) : 293/283
Rayon (m) : 5.20 , – , 6.40
Set Back (mm) : 19
Stance (mm) : 483
Poids board nue (g) : NC
Type de cambre : Cambre + Rocker
Nom du cambre spécifique : Tapered Directional Hibrid camber
Type de shape : Pintail
Nom du shape spécifique : NC




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